Striking edge lit plex floor, counter tops


Who’s to say we should be limited to mall store fronts or museum artifact displays?  Certainly not us!  Star Display has designed and created some of the most unusual projects, taking our creative juices as well as our design engineering to an advanced and sometimes even stellar level!  Even when a project is straight-forward and uncomplicated in design, a budget decrease, material compromise, or labor constraint will limit our resources, making even the simplest of tasks complicated, demanding, and to others, daunting. Star Display prides itself on the unusual.  When the challenge, taking front and center stage, becomes the foremost criteria, the heartbeat quickens and our juices really begin to flow.  Not only will we draw on the past 40 years of design knowledge and expertise to brainstorm the best solution, but our cutting edge logistics of technology, materials, and tools give Star Display the edge you and your company need to succeed on every level.