Fall …
Fall …

A Moose and her Calf take a rest near Peak 10,420

Wow, a Moose and her calf.  Doesn’t get any more relaxed than this.  As long as you are a quarter of a mile away and have an escape plan ready!

Autumn is definitely in the air … and on my car.  Rainstorm after rainstorm keeps my black car mucked up, and no doubt, the car wash in business.  If I were smart, I’d invest in one.  I could get discounts then!

So how does the rest of the world fair?  I’ve been tracking down old clients and new ventures.  Some ready to move on a project, others waiting for the next paycheck to appear.  I feel the economic landscape is improving … just a feeling, but the buzz is there, and it seems quite a few of our out-of-state clients are gearing up and re-designing existing looks.  New colors, oranges and greens with black to ground it; white and beige to give an airy look to the already structured aluminum.  And all the while, down-sizing the implements and fluff which cause clutter and distraction.  More sleek, simpler to visualize, and less to keep updated.  Yes!  An easier way to facilitate a message and display a specialty.  Go world …  I believe that Arthur C. Clarke had the right idea all along …

Have a great fall … enjoy the colors!  Here in Salt Lake City, or rather, the canyons surrounding SLC, it has been, is, and will continue to be, a spectacular show.   Mother Nature really does teach us moment by moment on how to slow down and appreciate our surroundings … Be Well !.

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