Spring and Spring again …

It’s spring, it’s not, it’s spring, it’s not.  If you have lived in Utah for over a year, you know we can have just about all four season in one day.  Several times.  And right now, it is approaching 72F degrees  and this morning when I woke up, it was 34F degrees.  I hauled planters on and off the patio all weekend, anticipating sun and warmth, when actually, all I encountered outside was a bit of wind, sun (yes!), and the occasional bundling up in my down parka.  Yup … spring in my backyard once again!

It can be fun in the experience of living all four seasons in a single day, frustrating in trying to pick out the right clothing, and irritating when you don’t pick out the right clothing, or boots when it rains/snows/melts.  All in all, perhaps it is why we stay in Salt Lake, despite the droughts, floods, snow shoveling, and whatever else mother nature has to throw at us.  We are resilient, and actually, I believe Utahns are very good at adapting.  You need to be in order to stay positive and love life, right?

Here at Star we are beginning the countdown to the Summer OR Show and I keep on seeing pictures of kayaking in the lakes, wake boarding on Lake Powell, and sailing on the Great Salt Lake.  The scenes include wet suits, flip-flops, and shorts.  Sun everywhere, green grass and blue skies.  Yes, it will be coming, if not today, perhaps tomorrow … Did I just hear someone say it started to snow?!.

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