The feeling of spring blanketed the morning …
The feeling of spring blanketed the morning …

Just turning the first day of February over on my calendar, and I look outside.  Yes, the leaves (on the ground) are still brown and the trees have absolutely no leaves on them, not even buds.  But the air is warm and there is that special something.  The feeling of spring, just around the corner, waiting to burst into yellows, pinks, lavenders, and yes, blues!  Spring is my favorite season, and yet, I find it to be the most trying and fickle.  It taunts me and calls forth my being stoic, beginning as a snowy day and ending in bright sunshine, melting the morning greys of winter.  Perhaps this is why I love it … never absolute or concrete.  It ever changes into new views, new warmth, and new ideas.  Such as ‘How many seasons can we cram into one 10 hour day?’ … In Salt Lake, we can breeze through a season as a child skips through a park, Winter, Spring, Summer, and back to Winter once again.  It is a beautiful place to live … Have a great day!


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