Outdoor Retailer Summer, 2014 … under our belts!

Whew!!!  What a workout!

And those of you who participated in the background or at the forefront, a huge round of applause for you!  Star Display had 14 booths to install and dismantle this year … a record!  And the glorious thing about this is, even the years which have come close to being as involved didn’t have the size nor need the manpower to erect them as this years Summer Show demanded.  It was indeed, a true feat of power … Hercules would have been proud!

What a great show it was for our clients.  Sales were up, orders were up, and hopefully, our spirits will follow … we are all just a bit tired … but when the feedback comes back with such positive comments, do we have any other choice?  Thank you, once again, everyone who was involved with our success.  Go team!.

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