Friday … Yea!!!

Kind of quiet here at Star Display today … the crew is out installing on-site with Henriksen-Butler at Peterson Partners in Old Mill Business Park.  New face-lift for offices and working areas … what a face-lift can do for a work force!  New desks, new arrangements, and maybe even a new pen holder!  Haven’t we all been there?  Even if you aren’t crazy about your job or your co-workers (heaven forbid!), a new work space can do wonders for the professional attitude.  It’s like starting a new job!  I, meanwhile, am able to commit to anything and everything.  Hurry, one and all, order it quick while I have run of the place.

Hogle Zoo is in need of more sign stands for their event on Sept. 4th, the Zoo Rendezvous.  The day is young, maybe I’ll take a ‘walk on the wild side’ and order up an Elephant Ride!  (wink! wink!)

In any case, all is settling in after the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show, and hopefully, those of you reading this who were a part of the show had increased exposure, increased orders, and are (dare I say it?) a bit relieved it is completed.  So … get this … we are beginning to look at the Winter Show 2015.  New booth designs, updates for several others, and upgrades in existing best-sellers.  Keep coming back … I’ll keep you on top of all the breaking news as it happens!  Smile!  Capri.

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