• Trade Show Booths

    Trade Show Booths

    Star Display has been designing, fabricating, installing/dismantling, and renting Trade Show Booths for over 30 years. We know the business, inside and out. Even if you think it can't be done, trust us, it can. And, we've probably done it! Read more
  • Kiosks


    What a special world Kiosks live in- Not quite grown up enough to be a store, but larger than a rental mall cart. Welcome to the awkward age of retail adolescence! Star Display can take that awkward space and restricted boundaries and turn it into a cozy retail spot designed to welcome buyers and support sales staff. Key details work double time here to grab attention quickly and display products with efficient convenience. Read more
  • Retail Display

    Retail Display

    The more we talk about a design, the better the design becomes. Bring your masses and let's discuss the atmosphere you want to portray, Your sales staff will sell beyond reason while Your customers will feel unusually customized. Your space needs to be top notch in every aspect - We are here to make sure that happens! Read more
  • Custom Design

    Custom Design

    Do you have a project which needs a signature touch, custom engineering, or just plain attention beyond the norm? Count us in! Challenges are our specialty and you will agree with us, we can do this with ease and professionalism. Read more
  • Concepts


    All the magic starts here ... in the concept. Travel into our minds - take a look at these renderings. Can you follow our designers creativity flow? Do we spark a thought or two outside the box? With your ideas and our experience, we can create your magic. Read more
  • Specialty Design

    Specialty Design

    Specialty Design keeps our creative juices flowing and our problem solving skills on the cutting edge of ability ... reaching for bigger, better, and budget aligned. Three lion's roars for innovation ! Read more
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